Texas Independence Group Denies Russian Support


The Texas Nationalist Movement has denied Russian involvement in its cause after one of its supporters was accused of being Russian on X, formerly Twitter.

Former congressman, author and political commentator Adam Kinzinger took to the social media site on February 4 to point out the wording used by another user, Jason Dorman, who is a supporter of the Texas-based movement that advocates the state removing itself from the U.S. and becoming an independent nation in its own right.

Dorman posted on X to voice his thoughts on why Texas is a “superpower” that would function well as an independent country. He wrote that Texas has a “warm water port” as well as its own natural gas and major tech industries.

Another user, posting under the name Jack’s House of The Way, claimed that Dorman’s wording sounded Russian, writing: “This is obviously a Russian. Only Russia talks about the value of a warm water port. Because the U.S. as a whole has several and this has never been an issue for us.”

The Texas flag is seen before the game between the Houston Cougars and the Texas Longhorns at TDECU Stadium on October 21, 2023 in Houston, Texas. The Texas Nationalist Movement defended one of its supporters…

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Warm water ports are ports that remain ice-free throughout the entire year. Almost all U.S. ports are warm water ports, with few exceptions that are mainly in the waters surrounding Alaska, the northernmost U.S. state.

Kinzinger then quoted the post, adding: “This is so true. No American would say ‘warm water port.’ Russians still suck.”

The Texas Nationalist Movement rebuffed the claims. “This is a complete and utter lie,” it wrote on X. “We know Jason. He lives in Texas. He has attended our events. He is not a Russian bot. Stop spreading propaganda and misinformation.” Newsweek has contacted the Texas Nationalist Movement via the media request form on its website.

In a separate post, the movement wrote: “You wonder how the Russia collusion hoax happened… this is how. By people like Adam Kizinger who do not do their research and would rather pop off on Twitter instead of actually learning about the situation. Adam, we will take your apology at any time.”

Dorman pointed to his reasoning for saying “warm water port” in a lengthier follow-up post, citing the strategic naval importance and trade benefits.

In response to the nationalist movement denying Dorman’s account was a bot, the Jack’s House of The Way account wrote: “Texas Nationalist Party says that Jason is not a Russian bot. They said he lives in Texas. They did not say he is an American. Now, all I said is he’s a Russian. I didn’t say he was a bot. So I don’t understand why they’re upset.”

The topic of Texas leaving the U.S. has been reignited in recent weeks due to the continued stand off between the federal government and Texas lawmakers over the U.S.-Mexico border.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection witnessed a monthly record number of 302,000 migrant encounters at the southern border in December.