‘They’re full of s**t!’ John Cusack goes after elite Democrats and LOL there’s NOT enough popcorn – Twitchy


We’re not entirely sure when the cheese slid off John Cusack’s cracker but somewhere along the line, the guy started to lose it. Forget that he doesn’t even really care for one of his best movies, ‘Better Off Dead,’ he has been ranting like some crazy hobo hiding under a bridge for years now.

At Republicans.

But NOW, he’s ranting at Democrats … and it is freakin’ SWEET.

From the New York Post:

John Cusack had some strong words for the Democratic Party elite, Monday, when he branded them as being “full of s—” and blasted them on social media for allegedly selling out the working class “for decades.”

“They have played a major part in creating the precise conditions for fascism to flourish – Obama corporatist democrats – are to the right of Richard Nixon on domestic policy – Don’t believe me – look it up – and Dems have sold out the working class for decades – and this kind of bought and paid-for betrayal of principals [sic], fairness – historical precedent -any sense of moral or intellectual honesty – The kind of brutal selfish horrific actions one only does – because they can get away with it,” he wrote in part on X, formerly Twitter, Monday

Shocked NYP could even see his timeline on Twitter/X considering the guy has blocked like everyone on the platform.

Also, pretty sure we saw Obama Corporatist Democrats open for Hillary’s Angry Beavers in 2010. Heh.

The dude definitely needs a hobby. That being said, we are quite enjoying his meltdown. Especially since he’s RAILING on Obama.

From Cusack’s tweet itself:

If this story from jacobin is not true katyal should sue them for character defamation and slander – If it’s as reported – Wanna know the blowback when Corporatist dems sell us out for the 7000 time? When “ hope “  and change is just another branded hustle.  It’s savage It’s here –


We’ve known it was another branded hustle for a long time, John.

Good of you to finally catch up.



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