Today’s letters: Explaining some of the complex history of the Métis


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The article was quite good and informative. However, it is dealing with a very complex and often misunderstood knowledge of who the Métis are.

The author was correct in his understanding that the Métis Nation is Western-Canadian based. Where he went wrong was in stating that this was the case prior to the Supreme Court of Canada Powley decision in 2003.

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He writes that the Powley case expanded the traditional boundaries of the Métis Nation. The Powley decision did not affect the boundaries of the Métis Nation, and the court-recognized Métis community of Sault Ste Marie and environs stands on its own.

In fact, in Powley, the Supreme Court of Canada stated that there were likely more than one Métis communities in Canada. Counting the Supreme Court’s Powley community, there are currently two Métis communities, one of those being the historic Métis Nation which no court nor government can alter.

Clément Chartier K.C., Métis Legal Research and Education Foundation, Saskatoon

We’re not elitist in the Glebe

Re: Where, oh where, do you house a Canadian prime minister? Sept. 1.

I chuckled at Brigitte Pellerin’s suggestions about where the new prime ministerial residence should be located. She eliminated Rockcliffe Park and the Glebe as being too elitist.

As a long time resident of the Glebe, I object! You can call us snobs, fat cats and other unmentionable epithets as you circle around trying to find a parking spot near Bank Street. But elitists? That’s going way too far.

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We bend over backwards welcoming the great unwashed masses to Lansdowne fun-and-game days. Elitist is for powerful guys. Now, if the prime minister resided here, things might change radically. And he could improve his fading image no end. Where else could he get such roars of approval as at Redblacks’ games, should his presence be announced? it would be enough to give him both goosebumps and a bump in the polls.

However, he should choose the day carefully. If he came to a disastrous game and a sour, complaining crowd, he could get an earful. Politics is so unpredictable.

Rafal Pomian, Ottawa

Sikh community helps food banks

Re: Letter, Places of worship can help food banks, Aug. 31.

This letter makes reference to churches, synagogues and mosques for helping food banks. I would add the Sikh community and its gurdwaras.

At gurdwaras, Sikhs engage in prayer and community actions and public actions such as providing for the needs of society through ongoing cooperation with food banks. In accord with the Sikh faith and practice, there is always openness to meet the needs of the disadvantaged. One must not forget the contributions by the Sikh community in its steady offers to aid food banks.

Roman Mukerjee, Ottawa


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