Trans women sex offenders in Canadian women’s prisons stats are actually SHOCKING – Twitchy


Now that you mention it, there does seem to be a lot of stories featuring male sex offenders suddenly announcing they are transwomen and being transferred to women’s prisons. Who knew it was so high though?

It’s not just in Canada either.

UK numbers are reflecting similar results.

With this happening everywhere, why are people still allowing these men to be put in women’s prisons?


Statistics are going to become a lot more confusing.

This is a very important question.

Still, even with all this information, the left is unmoved.

According to LGBTQ activists, the response is probably something like,

Sadly, the women in these prisons, who may be serving time for nonviolent or petty crimes, are the real victims here. They’re the ones who are forced to live with predators without anyone listening or caring about their fears. In fact, they’re likely to be accused of bigotry if they try!

These numbers will only keep growing as long as predator men are allowed to indulge their fantasies at the expense of women, in favor of progressive ideals.


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