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Trevor Noah’s Take on Russia’s Sham Referendums in Ukraine

Welcome to Better of Late Evening, a rundown of the earlier night time’s highlights that permits you to sleep — and lets us receives a commission to look at comedy. Listed below are the 50 finest films on Netflix proper now.

It’s been seven months since President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia ordered the invasion of Ukraine, or as Trevor Noah referred to it on Tuesday, “Putin went all Kool-Help Man on Ukraine.” Noah additionally famous that Russia’s chief is “not hashtag-winning.”

“The asteroid, named Dimorphos, is a part of a binary system with one other bigger asteroid named Didymos, which implies twin in Greek. Neither Dimorphos nor Didymos posed any menace to Earth, however now they know to not get any concepts, and so they’re telling their mates.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

Seth Meyers flamed quiet quitting, Costco and Aaron Decide on this week’s “Ya Burnt” section on “Late Evening.”

Anderson Cooper will chat with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday’s “Late Evening.”



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