‘Trump. Was. RIGHT!’ Biden dragged for bragging about steps he’s taking to make our economy even SUCKIER – Twitchy


Awwww, look at Karine Jean-Pierre making time to pretend she’s Biden tweeting about steps ‘he’ and his already sucky administration are taking to make things even suckier for Americans. Nothing says you don’t care about your citizens struggling like pushing propaganda-laden policies that will only hurt them more.


If you guys think gas, food, and everything else is expensive NOW? Wait until this takes effect as well.

Wonder how they’ll spin the $6-$7 a gallon for gas so they can blame Putin? That’s their usual go-to, yes?

Yes, Trump was right about many, many things. And sadly we think that IS Biden’s plan.

Or whoever is actually calling the shots from a shadow administration. *adjusts tinfoil* Honestly, they couldn’t do a better job of destroying everything we hold dear and need if they tried so we can only assume much of this is on purpose.


Every Biden policy in general is about putting America last.


Just putting that out there.

We all know how much Joe loves him some China.

And China LOVES Joe.


Chip Roy for the win.



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