Ukrainian Air Force seeks more short-range air defense systems to combat swarms of Russian drones


Ukraine needs more short-range air defense systems to destroy incoming swarms of Russian attack drones, the spokesman for the Air Force Command, Yuriy Ihnat, said during a briefing on Sept. 21.

He stressed that Ukraine needs to strengthen its air defense systems and noted that Ukraine is waiting for F-16 fighter jets to arrive in Ukraine, which could provide the Defense Forces with air superiority and reduce the activity of enemy aircraft on the southern and eastern parts of the front.

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At the same time, Kyiv expects good news from Washington and Ramsteinabout additional opportunities for the country’s defense, namely strengthening air defense capabilities.

“In particular, we’re talking not only about long-range Patriot or IRIS-T systems, NASAMS, but also about effective short-range air defense to automatically destroy Shaheds,” Ihnat noted.

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He added that there has been an increase in Russian drone attacks, and Ukraine needs effective and rational weapons to effectively destroy them.

“We need to understand that strengthening ‘small’ air defense and mobilefire groups is necessary to repel attacks by attack UAVs,” the spokesperson said.

Overnight on Sept. 20-21, an air raid alert was declared in all regions of Ukraine. Russia launched massive cruise missiles in several waves, with air defense forces shooting down 36 of the 43 missiles Russia launched. Explosions were heard in Kyiv and several regions.

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