Woman Leaves Internet in Stitches by Showing Her ‘Mini Goldendoodle’ Now


A TikTok video of a woman poking fun at how quickly her mini goldendoodle Bruno has grown has generated laughs across the internet.

The video shared by @LoveQueenRae begins with a short clip of the mini goldendoodle looking tiny as he snuggles into his owner’s arms while being driven to his forever home for the first time. The post then jumps to a clip of the now not-so-mini goldendoodle standing tall in what looks to be his playpen.

While Bruno is only 9 months old and still very much a puppy, he looks much older and this disparity has led to plenty of laughs online.

The video has affectionately been captioned: “We love you Bruno.” A caption across the video reads, “When you thought you were bringing home a ‘mini’ goldendoodle…”

A stock image of a mini goldendoodle puppy. The TikTok video poked fun at how much Bruno the mini goldendoodle had grown in just nine months.
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How Big Are Goldendoodles?

Goldendoodles are a playful dog breed created by breeding golden retrievers with poodles. They were first widely bred as a designer pet breed in the 1990s, and have been growing in popularity in the U.S. and U.K. ever since.

Being a crossbreed, it’s difficult to determine how big a goldendoodle will grow up to be even if they’ve been classed as a ‘mini’, meaning they’ve been bred from a miniature poodle. While it’s hard to assign a specific size to the breed, goldendoodles are typically on the larger side, varying from between 61 and 100 lbs.

What Do the Comments Say?

Since it was shared on the social media platform on 17 May, the TikTok post has been viewed more than 2 million times and liked by over 147,000 TikTok users. More than 3,000 users have laughed along with Bruno’s owner in the comments section below the post.

“Yuppp my goldendoodle is a damn horse,” one user joked. “Always check the paws lol, big paws equals big dog,” another user wrote.

“He’s standing up like he owns the place,” said a third user. “Bruno said bffr with that gate,” wrote yet another user on the TikTok post which can be seen here.

Newsweek reached out to @LoveQueenRae for comment via TikTok and Instagram.

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