Woman Too Sick To Get Out of Bed for Water, but She Has a Dog: ‘Best Nurse’


Determined to help his owner feel better, an Australian shepherd stepped up as a caretaker while she was sick in bed.

Owner Sara Poskonka was filming from her bed as she called in Brody. Perky and ready for action, her Australian shepherd showed up instantly. She asked if he could lend her a paw and get her water because she was too sick to even move out of bed. Without hesitation, he obliged.

In the Monday TikTok video posted to the account @facecination, you can hear Brody open a door in the other room and rummage through something. Within seconds, he returned to Poskonka’s room with a water bottle in his mouth. Brody placed his front paws on her bed, happily presenting her with the item. His kind deed earned him the title “best nurse.”

The text on the clip reads: “When you are too sick to leave bed but your dog keeps you hydrated.”

A TikTok video shows Brody the dog getting a water bottle for his sick owner. The owner was too sick to get out of bed, and the dog stepped up as nurse.


Poskonka told Newsweek via TikTok that Brody had been trained to fetch water bottles. He’s thrilled to help every time his owners ask him to get one, and clearly this dog trick turned out to be useful.

Brody is always up for assisting his owners. In another video, he relies on his herding instincts to help bring the family’s cat back inside. He also closes doors around the house when asked.

As for any other tricks to add to his nursing résumé, Poskonka said he doesn’t have any more.

“He just makes sure to stay by my side and cuddle,” she said.

‘So in Tune’

Brody’s selfless act quickly touched viewers’ hearts, bringing in over 1.4 million views, 179,200 likes and 1,193 comments so far.

“What a good boy. He loves you and wants you to feel better!” said one user.

A second wrote: “He’s such a good boy! Aussies are so in tune to their person.”

Someone else commented: “Happy Nurses Week Brody! Welcome to the club! I will work with you any day!”

Nurses Week is celebrated yearly from May 6 to 12, so this clip couldn’t have had better timing.

Others are jealous Brody lends a helping paw around the house. “Just showed this to my dog to let him know he needs to step it up around here,” one person wrote.

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