1923: Britain Frowns on Rum Running Stock Scheme


LONDON, Wednesday. — British authorities and prohibition elements rallying under the banner of the United Kingdom Alliance, one of the strongest dry organizations here, are waiting to swoop down on the next promoter who attempts to capitalize America’s thirst as an investment scheme.

While a dragnet has been spread for the guiding geniuses of the High Seas Traders’ Investment Company, who disappeared from their office in Gravesend last Sunday, just before the police and loads of mail from prospective shareholders arrived, members of the Alliance are clamoring to the Colonial Office for official investigation in all rumrunning schemes.

The authorities are trying to ascertain if the Gravesend project constitutes an infraction of the postal regulations. It is contended, however, that present laws are powerless to prevent the export of liquor.

— The New York Herald, European Edition, Sept. 20, 1923


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