6 Essential Steps to Discovering your Entrepreneurial Spirit


All entrepreneurs want to have a successful plan and earn money. That is why people go into business, especially opening their own company. Yet, there is a difference between someone having a good idea and someone having a successful business plan. The difference is mastering the entrepreneurial spirit.

Discovering your passion sounds simple but is a decision that will have lasting consequences. You get the pleasure of earning money from your work, having the creative license to build your own company and culture, and literally seeing your dreams come true. Yet, you also are the person to invest your time, energy, and finances into this dream. It is important to be mindful as you take those first steps.

1. Reflect on your values, ethics, and goals.

For example, is having a specific day off during the week important to you? Do you want to build up enough business to provide lower costs to those in need? What is the measure of “success” that you are trying to meet? What are your weaknesses and how will you compensate for that? Be cognizant of this as you move into creating your business.

2. Choose the right business.

Think about the market saturation in your area. Is there a need for this business? Do you have the skills to do this work better than your competition? You have abilities; be smart in how you put those skills to use. Everyone has tasks they enjoy, consider how to build a business doing work that is enjoyable.

3. Ensure you have the money to start your business.

Many entrepreneurs assume that they have enough money to start a business but find that their costs are higher than anticipated. Do your research. According to the U.S. Small Business Association, the average cost to start a microbusiness is $3,000. Anticipate that you will not make a profit immediately, and have money set aside for living expenses for the first six months. Network and ask for investors. You can not be timid and start a business. Take care of practical matters, such as opening a business account, creating a budget, and setting financial goals. Hire coaches, accountants, assistants, or advertising help. Think through essential costs versus optional costs. Do you need to hire someone else to pack that product, or can you do it yourself and save that cost? Impulsivity now will create more work and less profits later.

4. Focus on long-term success.

You will need to work hard to be successful. Keep yourself organized with a task list for the day and the week. Show your spirit through working harder than those around you. Successful business owners are not known for lounging the day away. They are the ones who are present at every event, on every job site, and at every meeting. Do not compare yourself to others. Not everyone is as driven as an entrepreneur, which is what makes business owners unique.

5. Company culture is everything.

When it is time to hire employees, hire people who get along well and work as a team. Go back to item one: what is important to you ethically? Impart that to your employees and keep that a focus at work. Set an example for others by being willing to do the tedious or unpleasant work alongside your employees. You have an opportunity to inspire others to be driven and find success. Show people kindness and get to know your employees. This is your opportunity to build a legacy; do not take it for granted.

6. Networking is key for any business.

Not only does it allow for potential financial backing and customers, but networking will also provide the support of other entrepreneurs. We are social creatures by nature, and keeping up a strong work ethic while those around you relax can be difficult. Surround yourself with success and that will help motivate you to follow your passion and keep working. Do not limit yourself to business- or industry-sponsored networking events. Consider community groups, such as the Rotary Club. Feel free to strike up a conversation at the grocery store. Online networking is also a possibility. The next person you meet is a potential client or collaboration partner. Let’s be honest, not everyone is driven enough to start a business.

This venture will take hard work, adapting to challenges and frustrating days. Yet, an intentional business plan based on your ethics is a solid foundation. It is important to choose the right business for your skill set and location. Ensure that you have the financial capital to begin this venture. Focus on the long-term goal — the reason you are willing to start a business in the first place. Create a company culture that reflects your values; clients will notice content employees by their work ethic. Networking is a major part of your job as the owner of the company. Invest the time into creating that connection with others in your community. Harnessing the spirit of entrepreneurship is not for the weak, but with passion, your dreams are within your reach.


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