Dog’s ‘Lucky’ Escape After Falling Through Frozen Pool Caught on Camera


A hard-to-watch dog rescue caught on camera has gone viral, bringing along differing opinions on how the owner responded to the situation.

In a video posted to the account @horiapalmerhirtopanu, a Bernese mountain dog was standing next to the frozen pool before deciding to step across. The dog was standing on the uncovered pool for a couple of seconds before the ice broke underneath.

Immediately, the dog attempted to get out, but the ice kept breaking around him. The owner rushed outside after realizing what was happening, but her reaction has drawn some criticism since she did not jump in after the dog.

But the good news is that thankfully, the dog got out. The text on the video describes the situation precisely: “lucky dog.”

The clip was painful to watch just knowing how long the dog was in that water. The pooch was in there for over a minute, but it probably felt like hours trying to get him out.

The February 5 TikTok video had over 2.6 million views, 42,500 likes, and 3,281 comments as of Wednesday. While viewers are thankful the canine is safe, many were critical of how the person in the video responded.

One comment reads: “Too slow reaction for me, but I’m glad the dog survived.”

Another said: “Lucky dog because the owner is useless.”

In situations like these, instinct might kick in and you’ll be tempted to jump in after your dog, but it is highly advised to avoid that at all costs. The ice around is unlikely to be strong enough to support your weight. This might cause you to fall in, putting yourself at risk of hypothermia. Moreover, getting in will double the work for the rescuers.

Instead, if your dog falls into icy waters, immediately call 911. A rescue team that is professionally trained, prepared, and with the essential supplies will be dispatched to your location. Not only will they have the equipment to rescue your dog, but they will also be able to give your dog any aid or medical help.

Accidents, like this one, can still happen no matter how cautious you are or how vigilantly you’re watching your dog. That’s why it’s important to be prepared for the unexpected and respond quickly and calmly. Panic in such situations could make things more difficult.

Newsweek reached out to @horiapalmerhirtopanu via TikTok for additional information.

A stock image of a Bernese mountain dog surrounded by snow. A security camera captured the lucky dog who escaped falling in a pool of ice.

SergeyTikhomirov/Getty Images

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