Dr. John Forsyth Death Mystery Deepens


The mystery surrounding the death of Missouri doctor John Forsyth continues to intensify as his brother rejects suicide as a possible explanation.

Authorities confirmed on Tuesday that Forsyth, 49, the missing emergency room doctor who vanished last week, was found fatally shot in neighboring state of Arkansas.

Forsyth’s body was discovered by a kayaker on Tuesday in Beaver Lake, a large reservoir in northwestern Arkansas. Authorities confirmed that his body was found with an apparent gunshot wound but did not specify whether or not they believe the wound was self-inflicted.

According to Forsyth’s family, police have said there were “oddities” about Forsyth’s disappearance but told them they do not suspect foul play, according to a report by the British publication The Daily Mirror. The family have disagreed with this assessment.

A missing person has been issued for 49-year-old doctor John Forsyth. Concerns were raised when the Missouri doctor failed to report for work on May 21.The mystery surrounding the death of Missouri doctor John Forsyth continues to intensify as his brother rejects the idea he killed himself.
Cassville Police Department

Forsyth, a father of eight, initially caused concern when he did not show up for his shift at the ER Mercy in Cassville, Missouri, the evening of May 21, after last being seen ending a shift in the morning. His family has said this behavior was out of character.

Prior to his body being discovered, authorities had located Forsyth’s vehicle, a black Infiniti sedan, in a park near the Cassville Aquatic Center. Inside were his car keys, briefcase and his passport, as well as other items sparking further concerns regarding his disappearance.

Forsyth’s brother, Richard Forsyth has said “we’re devastated, especially at the nature of his passing,” but also has questions regarding the gunshot wound.

“He had no guns, I talked to him about that, He didn’t want to have a gun,” he said.

“We need to get to the bottom of this. We need to find out what happened. We’re not satisfied with just that he was found. This kind of barbaric behavior has to be uncovered. This has to be dealt with.”

John Forsyth’s half-brother, Jason Musgrave, has also echoed his skepticism about the details regarding the doctor’s death.

“I feel like it is foul play. I feel like it has to have been. He was funny and engaging and the life of a party.”

Richard Forsyth has also spoken about the last time he saw his brother and said the pair had dinner together for three hours on Wednesday before his disappearance.

The brother noted that the doctor had finalized his divorce and had proposed to his new partner. Richard Forsyth told AP how happy his brother seemed during the meal.

“We had dinner Wednesday before he disappeared, and we sat and talked for three hours,” he said.

“I told him this is the happiest I’d seen him in a long time. His divorce was final May 11, and I think that gave him energy for the future.”

The Cassville Police Department Captain James Smith spoke to Newsweek about the ongoing investigation and the multiple departments involved.

He told Newsweek: “On May 30, 2023, the Cassville Police Department was notified by the Benton County Arkansas Sheriff’s Department of the discovery of a body located in their county. The body is believed to be that of Dr. John Forsyth; pending an autopsy and official identification.

“The discovery is being investigated by the Benton County Sheriff’s Department. The Cassville Police Department has offered to assist in the investigation and provide all the information gathered to date to aid Benton County in their investigation.”

Newsweek has contacted the Benton County Sheriff’s Department via email for comment.


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