Outfits, Proposals, Tony Romo and More


The Super Bowl, like it or not, is more than a simple football game. It’s a cultural event transversing boundaries, and that’s especially true since Taylor Swift entered the picture. While the superstar’s presence hasn’t always been well-received on social media, she has brought an entirely new audience into the NFL fold; it’s safe to assume that trend will continue during the Super Bowl.

And the bookmakers are cognizant of that reality. Swift and Kelce-related bets have been around since the early weeks of the season, but the Big Game takes things to another level. Given that wacky prop bets come with the territory—you can wager on Gatorade color, the coin toss and virtually everything in between—a new pop-cultural presence only served to amp things up.

BetOnline, for example, has 89 (reference presumably intended) possible prop bets that are related to Swift and Kelce. Many focus on the travel required to make it to Las Vegas in time, but let’s break some of the more unique options down.

Travis Kelce #87 of the Kansas City Chiefs (L) celebrates with Taylor Swift after defeating the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship Game at M&T Bank Stadium on January 28, 2024, in Baltimore, Maryland. Swift…

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Swift’s Outfit Is a Major Focus

Given that Swift’s presence at the game prompts plenty of TV coverage, it’s reasonable to focus on the visual side of things. That sets up plenty of outfit-related wagers.

You can bet, for example, on whether the pop star will be wearing another Kristin Juszczyk-made outfit, as she did earlier this season. No, for what it’s worth, is the favored option there. There are also wagers on the color of Swift’s top at the game and leaving her plane, with red and black standing as the respective favorites.

Will she be wearing red lipstick? What about sporting a foam finger? How about a Kelce jersey or a hat of any description? There are lines on all of those options.

Relationship Wagers Also Loom Large

Given the appeal of a fairy-tale relationship, it’s tempting to imagine Kelce proposing to Swift in light of a Super Bowl win. BetOnline is prepared for that opportunity.

Wagers are available regarding the physical location of that potential proposal (on a subsequent vacation is the favorite, with “Field (nonendzone)” as the second-leading option); there’s also a line on wedding and honeymoon locations, if you want to look even further ahead. You can even bet on whether Swift and Kelce would sing a wedding duet.

Or, if you’re a bit more cynical, you could also bet that Swift would say “No” to an engagement.

That wouldn’t be much of a love story, but it is an option.

Tony Romo Makes His Mark

During the NFL campaign, Tony Romo repeatedly spoke about Swift and Kelce as though they were already married. And while you can’t put money on a similar comment during the Super Bowl, the quarterback-turned-color commentator still features in some prop bets.

One line, for example, wonders if he’ll refer to his broadcast partner Jim Nantz or Taylor Swift by name first. Another focuses on which Swift song he’ll make the first reference to (“Bad Blood” is currently the betting favorite, with “Shake It Off” close behind). Given that the bet specifies he needs to make a football reference and not simply name a song, those picks do make sense.

Romo and Nantz also feature in another bet: Which one of them will say Swift’s name first? The latter man, presumably due to his color commentary duties, is the favored pick.

Donald Trump, Hot Dogs and the Rest

There are also plenty of other random, one-off bets. Some of those are as follows:

  • Who will be shirtless first? (Options consist of Jason Kelce, Swift and Olivia Culpo)
  • Will Donald Trump mention Swift on Truth Social on February 11?
  • Will Taylor Swift be shown eating a hot dog?
  • Will either team use “Swift” as a play call? (This could have happened during the regular season, but a “J.R. Smith” audible was the more likely outcome.)

Is that all a bit silly and over the top? Of course, but this is the Super Bowl we’re talking about. If there’s ever a time to pull out all of the pop-cultural stops, it’s ahead of the Big Game.