Owners Bring Cat In for Pregnancy Scan, Unprepared for What Vets Find


A viral TikTok video that revealed what veterinarians found during a stray cat’s pregnancy scan has left viewers in stitches.

This black stray cat who is now living with a rescue, Save-a-Pet Illinois, was brought to the vet after her “belly was looking larger.” The employees assumed the large belly was due to the possibility she could be pregnant. And what better way to check for pregnancy than an ultrasound?

But the January 27 clip, which was shared to the TikTok account @vetproducts, revealed that this cat was not pregnant.

Jezebel the black cat was just very full of food.

Screenshots of a shelter cat getting a pregnancy scan. The shelter wanted this cat to get checked after her belly got bigger, but the result is not what they expected.


One look at her big, bright eyes would’ve told the story as she was beyond confused about why she was getting the pregnancy scan. Or maybe she was nervous her secret was finally going to be revealed. She can no longer eat for a family of five.

Feline Bloating

Cats, like humans, can overstuff themselves with food. You keep shoveling down food without realizing you’re full. Then, all of a sudden, you can’t move. Cats too can feel the same discomfort and swelling humans feel after overeating. But that is not the only reason cats can bloat.

An article on pet website Rover states that if a cat eats too much or too quickly, it can gulp down air. This makes the cat feel bloated. Rapidly changing a cat’s food could also increase the risk of bloating, as well as gassiness and diarrhea. The type of food also plays a role. Low-quality cat food can alter a feline’s digestive process, which again, leads to bloating.

As pet parents, it’s important to recognize signs of feline bloating especially as bloating can be a symptom of underlying medical issues. Owners should look for the following bloat symptoms:

  • Swollen or hard stomach
  • Abdominal discomfort/tenderness
  • Sudden or inexplicable weight gain
  • Vomiting
  • Altered posture that includes crouching or stretching abnormally
  • Changes in appetite and grooming habits
  • Restlessness or unable to find a comfortable position
  • Decrease in typical activity, hiding, or avoiding socialization
  • Unusual vocals

The clip quickly reached 3.9 million views, 838,100 likes and 3,368 comments. Viewers couldn’t stop laughing at the result, but also understood as they too have “food babies.”

“Me and her are the same,” wrote one viewer.

A separate comment read: “She’s like I better get some food for this after the embarrassment.” Call it a hassle fee.

“She’s so brave, she’s well behave, she is not afraid,” noted another.

The video creator tends to believe volunteers have been sneaking treats to Jezebel. It would be hard not to share treats with all their precious faces.

The video creator told Newsweek that Jezebel will be up for adoption as soon as she’s spayed. Plus, she was put on a mild food restriction and her belly has gone down significantly.

“I’m assuming it’ll be soon because I just did her rabies vaccine Thursday,” she said. “She’s SUPER sweet.”

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