Pit Bull’s Hilarious Reaction to New Puppy Being Brought Home: ‘Only Child’


Getting a new puppy brings tremendous excitement—but not for everyone it seems. This dog owner shared the look of utter disgust on her dog’s face when she brought home another sibling for him.

Since Diana Alvarez, from Massachusetts, got her pit bull mixed breed Opie, he became accustomed to life as the “only child,” as he loved being spoiled and getting all the attention. Unfortunately for Opie, Alvarez is a big dog lover and couldn’t wait to expand her canine family.

Opie had to learn about sharing the hard way, as Alvarez now has two other dogs—Melo the Australian shepherd, and Rogue the golden and Australian shepherd mix. Alvarez told Newsweek that Opie’s reaction to his younger siblings was “very typical of him,” as she’s grown accustomed to his “unimpressed faces.”

Opie the pit bull beside Rogue, the newest addition. Opie made his feelings towards Rogue clear to his owner, after she brought him home in May.

With all the energy and enthusiasm of getting a new dog, it can be hard for owners to know if they’re doing everything properly. One element that the American Kennel Club (AKC) says owners must get right is introducing the new addition to the family to any current dogs in the home. The AKC indicates the importance of giving the dogs a gradual introduction and a routine from the start.

If the older dog growls at the new puppy, they shouldn’t be punished as they’re simply trying to preserve their territory from this unknown intruder. Owners must supervise the early interactions to make sure the dogs can be removed from the situation if necessary. If they do behave well in that time, they should both be rewarded, as it encourages them to interact positively.

Just like humans, dogs need a break from time to time. So if the older dog shows weariness towards the puppy, give them some time apart as this will help settle both in the long term.

After Rogue was brought home on May 14, Alvarez captured him spending some time calmly inspecting a new chew toy. Rogue was doing his best job at looking cute and innocent, all the while Opie looked horrified by the newest addition and glared at his owner resentfully.

Despite Opie’s clear disdain towards Rogue, Alvarez explained to Newsweek how her oldest dog is gradually accepting his newest sibling, one day at a time.

She said: “The boys are all getting along well. Opie will have his moments where he will snuggle up with Rogue, and even share some snacks with him sometimes.

“I thought Opie’s reaction was very typical of him. He was an only child for a few years and when we got Melo, he reacted the same way.”

Alvarez posted the clip of Opie’s reaction towards his puppy brother on TikTok (@opiethepitbully) on May 26, joking that he’d been “promoted to big brother.” Despite the promotion, Opie was very unhappy about the situation and wasn’t one to hide his feelings.

Alvarez regularly treats her social media followers to videos of Opie’s facial expressions and reactions, much to the internet’s delight.

“Opie has so many fans across social platforms,” Alvarez continued. “Everyone just loves his funny faces and goofy personality.”

The video of Opie’s unimpressed glances has amused many TikTok users, leaving some to comment on the post and share in Opie’s misery.

One commenter wrote: “Ugh, Opie we understand.”

Another person commented, “Lol, not impressed,” which could be somewhat of an understatement by the look on Opie’s face.

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