Russia accuses U.S. citizen of trying to kidnap his 4-year-old son out of the country


An American citizen has been accused of attempting to kidnap his 4-year-old son and illegally cross a Russian border with him, prosecutors in the Russian region of Kaliningrad said Thursday.

The 35-year-old man, whose name was not released, wanted to “live with the child outside of Russia, without obtaining the consent of the baby’s mother,” Russia’s Investigative Committee Department in Kaliningrad Region said in a statement on Telegram.

A criminal case has been launched against the U.S. citizen, who arrived in the Kaliningrad region on July 27 “to meet his 4-year-old son,” who was “a citizen of the Russian Federation,” the statement added. No charges have been filed yet.

“Under the pretext of spending time together,” the man took his son in a car to the Mamonovsky Urban District near the Polish border, before he “made an attempt to illegally cross the state border through a wooded and swampy area,” the statement added.

The man was stopped by officers at the border in Kaliningrad, a semi-exclave situated on the Baltic Sea, is Russia’s westernmost region, the statement said.

At the time, a district court in the eastern city of Kaliningrad also “was considering a civil case to determine the child’s place of residence,” the region said.

“In the near future, the defendant will be interrogated by an investigator of the regional department of the Russian Investigative Committee, and charges will be brought against him,” it added.

No further details about the man were included in the statement and it was unclear whether he had been detained.

Investigators or the judge could conclude there is not enough evidence and the case could be dropped.

NBC News has approached the State Department for comment.

This is a breaking news story. Please check back for updates.



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