SBU nabs Supreme Court official who justified Russian invasion, awaited complete capture of Ukraine


Ukraine’s SBU security service exposed the head of one of the structural units of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, who justified Russian aggression and the occupation of Ukraine. He faces up to eight years in prison, the SBU reported on Telegram on Feb. 5.

The SBU has recordings of conversations in which the defendant denies the sovereignty of Ukraine and proposes to give southern regions, in particular Odesa and Kherson oblasts, to the Russian occupiers.

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In communication with his subordinate, the official glorified the Wagner PMC militants and supported their participation in the war against Ukraine.

According to the investigation, the court official proposed to launch a new offensive against Ukraine from the north to capture Lviv and neighboring regions.

He also expressed hopes for a quick occupation of Ukraine with the subsequent establishment of a Russian-friendly regime on its territory.

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Linguistic examination confirmed the facts of the official’s subversive activities.

During searches at the offender’s residence, law enforcement officers found:

  • cell phones and computers with evidence of crimes;

  • almost 300 unaccounted-for rounds of ammunition for small arms;

  • a special technical means of illegal surveillance;

  • pro-Kremlin literature.

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SBU investigators charged the suspect with justification, recognition as lawful, denial of Russian armed aggression against Ukraine, glorification of its participants.

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