Turkey Cave Rescue: Live Updates On Mission To Save American Explorer


A massive rescue operation is underway in southern Turkey to save an American explorer trapped 3,400 feet from the entrance of the Morca Cave outside the district of Anamur.

Mark Dickey, the 40-year-old American caver, started experiencing gastrointestinal bleeding while with an expedition team in the cave, one of the deepest in Turkey. An international team is planning to move Dickey out of the cave via a stretcher.

Read live updates on the rescue mission:

Rescue Could Take Days

Due to many difficult factors, including Dickey’s condition, the depth at which he fell ill and the cave’s narrowness, the rescue could take several days.

“It’s still expected to take quite a few days to get him all the way out of the cave, as it’s such a difficult and technical cave and he is so far deep in it right now,” Gretchen Baker of the National Cave Rescue Commission told NBC News.

CBS reported that parts of the cave were being widened to accommodate a stretcher.

Massive Team Helping With Rescue

According to Turkey’s caving federation, more than 150 people are aiding the rescue mission. The team includes individuals from Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia and Italy.

More Details On The Rescue Mission

Dickey was deep inside the Morca cave when he began experiencing gastrointestinal bleeding. While his condition has been reported to be stabilizing, he will still need major assistance to exit the cave. Rescuers currently plan on removing him via stretcher.

Read more from HuffPost’s Nina Golgowski:


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