UK intelligence attributes rise in attacks on military draft offices in Russia to expectations of new mobilisation


UK Defence Intelligence believes that the upsurge in attacks on military enlistment offices and similar institutions in Russia may indicate a lack of confidence in Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s promise not to conduct a new wave of mobilisation.

Source: UK Defence Intelligence review dated 28 January on Twitter, as reported by European Pravda

Details: The UK MoD cites data released by the Russian authorities on 22 January regarding 220 attacks targeting recruitment-related institutions since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. At the same time, statistics from Mediazone, a Russian news outlet, reveal 113 attacks since 26 July 2023 alone.

“Taken together, these statistics indicate a doubling of arson attacks on enlistment offices over the last six months,” UK intelligence noted.

Sergei Naryshkin, Chief of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service, claimed that the perpetrators of the attacks were acting on behalf of Western officials.

“However, the increase in attacks is highly likely due to a greater sense of disaffection with the war amongst the Russian population and especially those who would be mobilised should a second wave of mobilisation be announced,” the review stressed.

Some of those responsible for the attacks have reportedly been charged with terrorism and treason.

“Further mobilisation would be a contradiction to Putin’s promise at his 14 December 2023 annual news conference that there would be no further mobilisation – the attacks highly likely suggest a lack of confidence in this promise,” UK Defence Intelligence believes.


  • Earlier, the UK MoD reported on new measures being considered by the Russian Federation against those who actively criticise Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.

  • UK intelligence has also highlighted the interruptions in heating and electricity supply in a number of Russian regions in recent months.

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