Uncle Urged Not to Babysit for ‘Really Pushy’ Brother on Expensive Vacation


A man has been backed online after sharing in an anonymous post that he would rather not babysit his niece on a luxury vacation.

The man had taken to the social-media platform Reddit to share that he had been continuously asked to look after his pushy brother’s daughter by her parents. However, he wrote that he is now ready to take a stand against their persistent demands and savor his weekend away.

Carolina Perez Sanz is a certified relationship coach and former communication consultant, based in Florida’s Miami Beach. She told Newsweek that the younger brother ought to speak openly with his elder sibling about why he is reluctant to be at his beck and call throughout the holiday.

A family on vacation look over lake landscape. A man has been supported online after sharing the reason why he doesn’t want to help babysit his niece while on an expensive vacation.
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“To start things off my 3 friends booked us all a weekend trip a few weeks ago. We plan to party at night and chill at the pool by day,” the 29-year-old man wrote.

“I also told my brother, who is 43-years-old, that I was really excited to stay in this specific hotel since it is on the pricier end,” the poster added. “Yesterday, my brother contacted me and told me that he and his wife will be staying in the same hotel with my 4-year-old niece at the same time as me.”

“He wrote to me that they are also really excited that I will be able to help with my niece since I am also there and they can relax in the meantime. According to them, I have nothing better to do. My niece’s parents are really pushy and I am the worst at setting boundaries,” the poster wrote.

“The man needs to be transparent with his brother and tell him that he’ll be in no condition to take care of the niece because he’ll be getting drunk every night,” Perez Sanz said.

“He should also tell him that he cares too much about her to watch her while hungover. His brother should be able to understand that this is his vacation too, and that he doesn’t want to have any responsibility over a child while enjoying it,” she added.

Perez Sanz said that if the Reddit user is struggling to pluck up the courage to turn down his brother’s demands, he could offer his brother and his family a future trip where he would be able to focus on being a good buddy to his niece.

What Do the Comments Say?

Since it was shared to the social-media platform on September 5 by u/Gulghy, the Reddit post has been upvoted by 96 percent of the users who have engaged with it and commented on more than 2,200 times. The vast majority of the users reacting to the post have backed the man in his desire to sack off his uncle duties.

“Do not stand for this. Your brother and his wife have no right to demand your time. If they don’t want to look after their own child they can take a babysitter with them,” one user wrote.

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