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Video Shows Terrifying Moment Plane Skids Off Runway


Dramatic footage has captured the moment a passenger jet skidded across a wet and icy runway, shooting up plumes of water spray and mud as it veered on to a grass verge when it came in to land.

The incident, reportedly involving an A320-200 plane, is said to have happened at Vilnius Airport in the capital city of Lithuania. The aircraft belonged to Lithuanian company Avion Express, according to reports.

Lithuania’s Vilnius Airport, pictured on March 14, 2020. Footage of an airplane skidding off the runway at the airport has been shared on social media.


The clip was shared online on Sunday by @AFlyGuyTravels, a social media account on X (formerly Twitter) that posts content about the aviation industry. It can be viewed below.

The clip was captioned: “An Avion Express A320-200 landing at Vilnius Airport briefly skidded off the runway, onto the grass and mud, before safely returning to the runway to continue its dirty taxi to the apron.”

Initial news reports about the incident have claimed that 179 passengers were on board at the time, as the plane made its descent following a two-hour flight from the Italian city of Bergamo on Saturday.

The pilot was able to regain control of the aircraft and there were no reported injuries, although the plane is said to have suffered some damage to its lower panels.

Newsweek is seeking further details about the incident. This is a developing story and will be updated.