Woman Working Two Jobs Explains How She Plans to Save $100k in Three Years


It’s thought that the average working week in America is just over 34 hours long, spanning from Monday to Friday. But spare a thought for Mitzi Lacerna, who works 80 hours every week across two jobs so she can hit her savings target of $100,000.

After clocking in around 40 hours a week as a barista, 27-year-old Lacerna can’t just go home and unwind like most of us, because that’s only half of her work complete. Rather than getting plenty of beauty sleep, Lacerna heads to her second job as the overnight front desk position for a residential building.

“I work as a barista for my daytime job, Monday to Friday from 7 am to 4 pm. Then I usually get 2 or 3 hours overtime every week,” Lacerna told Newsweek. “Then I’m the overnight resident relations specialist at a high-rise building from 10:30 pm to 7 am across Thursday to Monday.

“I’m off Saturday and Sunday mornings, and Tuesday and Wednesday nights, so that’s when I can get a proper 7 to 8 hours of sleep.”

Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays:

  • Works as a barista from 7am until 4pm
  • Sleeps from 7pm until 9:50pm
  • Starts her second job as front desk at 10.30pm until 7am
  • Naps during work breaks

Tuesdays and Wednesdays:

  • Works as a barista from 7am until 4pm
  • Rests at home with a full night’s sleep

Saturdays and Sundays:

  • Rests in the mornings
  • Sees friends
  • Starts work as the front desk position at 10.30pm until 7am

This level of motivation may seem impossible to some, but Lacerna, from San Francisco, California said: “This is purely [her] choice,” so she can reach her savings target by the end of 2025. She’s currently saving approximately $3,000 a month, but whenever possible to she aims to put even more aside.

“I’m getting paid $27 per hour for my barista job and $22 an hour for my overnight front desk, and I don’t earn tips. I’m happy with the amount that I’ve saved so far. It’s satisfying to see progress, no matter how much the amount I am putting in,” she continued.

Lacerna decided last year that she wanted to save $100,000 for a down payment on a house in San Francisco, where the average first-time buyer puts down an 18.4 percent down payment of $84,244, according to Bankrate. So, if there are days when Lacerna isn’t feeling too motivated, that is all the encouragement she needs.

Finding the time to sleep isn’t easy, but on days when she’s working a double shift, Lacerna tries to squeeze in a couple hours of sleep between 7 pm and 9.50 pm, before rushing to her overnight shift. She also uses her breaks at both jobs to get in a quick power nap to keep herself going.

During the daytime, the 27-year-old works as a barista, before working overnight at a front of desk position. TikTok users were amazed that she manages to find motivation to work 80 hours a week.

@mitzeyyyy / TikTok

How Did Social Media React?

In January, Lacerna gave TikTok users a glimpse into her weekly routine (@mitzeyyyy) by sharing a video revealing how she works “2 full-time jobs to save $100,000.” The post instantly went viral with more than 4.9 million views and 480,200 likes in a matter of days, leaving many social media users questioning how she finds time for anything else.

She continued: “A lot of people assume that I’m missing out on life, but I can always request a day off if I have to go to a birthday party, baby shower, or baptism. I just need people to let me know in advance. I was doing the same schedule last year, and I was still able to go to concerts and live shows.

“Most people are worried about my health, which I truly appreciate. But there are people saying they’re in the same situation, working multiple jobs and going to school at the same time.”

She added that many commenters “assume that [her] life is miserable,” but she wants to show that the reality couldn’t be further from that. It’s undoubtedly hard to be so work-driven, but she loves the people she works with and that makes each day (and night) easier.

This certainly wouldn’t be manageable for everyone, and Lacerna isn’t trying to glorify it by any means, but she simply wanted to offer people another perspective. Everyone’s routine is different, and they are all valid.

The viral TikTok video gained more than 3,200 comments in a matter of days, as one person wrote: “Real hack is working 2 full time remote jobs.”

Another TikToker commented: “I respect the hard work. But please try to get enough rest.”

“This is a short-term hustle to invest in a lifelong riches. this is how billionaires are made,” wrote another person.

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