Zelenskyy appeals to neutral nations, saying you either support Ukraine, or you support Russia


Countries cannot remain neutral in Russia’s war against Ukraine, as it would only strengthen Russia, and then could pose a threat to other nations, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said during a joint press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa on Sept. 22.

“You help either Ukraine or Russia. There will be no (neutrals) in this war,” Zelenskyy said.

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“By weakening assistance to Ukraine, you will strengthen Russia. And a powerful Russia and what to expect from it… I think history in books and witnesses has long since answered this question. If someone wants to take a risk, fine, weaken assistance to Ukrainians. But, to be frank and honest, freedom, democracy and human rights must be fought for.”

Zelenskyy also expressed his gratitude to the partner countries that help Ukraine with weapons and funding.

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“Yet this is not the highest price. Ukraine is still paying the highest price for this today – in people, in the number of deaths. Therefore, we’re very grateful for the help.”

The Ukrainian president and First Lady Olena Zelenska arrived in Canada on Sept. 22 after making a three-day visit to the United States, where Zelenskyy addressed the UN General Assembly in New York, and met with President Joe Biden in Washington DC.

In Canada, Ukraine’s head of state met with Trudeau, with whom he discussed Kyiv’s military needs, future financial and humanitarian support, and economic and investment cooperation.

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