Anti-war and environmental groups protest outside Barclays bank


Two protest groups staged simultaneous demonstrations outside a Barclays bank on Saturday.

At the branch in Reading activists from Extinction Rebellion campaigned against the banks investment in fossil fuels.

Meanwhile opponents of the war in Gaza highlighted alleged links between Barclays and the arms trade.

Barclays previously said it will no longer fund new oil or gas projects, we have contacted them for a response.


Activists from Extinction Rebellion campaigned against the banks investment in fossil fuels

On Friday Barclays announced it stop directly financing energy clients’ new oil and gas projects.

Laura Barlow, Group Head of Sustainability, said: “Addressing climate change is a critical and complex challenge.

“We continue to work with our energy clients as they decarbonise and support their efforts to transition in a manner that is just, orderly and addresses energy security.

“Today we strengthen our commitment to the energy transition, with policies that will focus our capital and resources to the energy companies that play a key role in the transition.”

In response to this, Adam who was in Reading campaigning with Extinction Rebellion, said: “We’ve moved the needle as it were, and we can now continue to put pressure, to get them to tighten up the statements, and improve their strategy.

“But yeah, it feels like a win for activism.”


Razwan was protesting outside Barclays as he claims they are investing in weapons companies that are assisting the war in Gaza

Unconnected protestors in Reading, and at other branches, were highlighting the bank’s links with defence companies.

Razwan is one of the activists, he said: “Ask the banks themselves, because of their ethical reporting, they have to report on this, and it’s there very clearly, that they’re investing in weapons companies.

“Those weapons are killing civilians.”

Barclays says it has clear policies on investments in defence, what it will and will not support.

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