Watch Sausage Dogs Tucking Themselves In As Part Of ‘Essential’ Nap Routine


Footage of a pair of adorable sausage dogs tucking themselves in ahead of going to sleep has been watched over 1 million times on TikTok.

Pizza and Sizzle’s nightly routine has been caught on camera—and the internet couldn’t be more impressed.

Their owner George Garrod, 31, told Newsweek: “Being warm and cozy is essential for Pizza and Sizzle’s nap schedule. They are highly skilled snugglers.

“Tucking in is a factory feature of all sausages, be it a jumper, a duvet, or even better, a snuggle bed.”

Pizza and Sizzle lying under their blanket in their bed with a blanket over them.
George Garrod/Instagram/@pizzathequeen

During the clip shared to @pizzathequeen, Garrod can be heard commanding “bed” and both dogs trot over and perfectly place themselves underneath the blanket.

The American Kennel Club previously advised owners to set a sleep schedule to establish good habits.

Garrod explained he didn’t train the dogs, adding: “They only do what they want to do, when they want to do it.

“They sleep well during the night. Although they wake up early ready to be fed. Our old home was all on one floor and they sometimes used to ram the door from about 6 a.m. to wake us up!”

Pizza, 5, and Sizzle, 3, regularly gain a lot of attention online as TikTok obsesses over their personalities.

Garrod, from England, told Newsweek: “They are always up to something, which usually involves food, napping and exploration. Pizza is a sassy and stubborn queen—she prefers to give orders rather than take them but knows exactly when to turn on the charm, which works 100 percent of the time.

“Sizzle is the hyper baby of the family—she’s in everyone’s business with endless energy and kisses and loves an outdoor adventure.

“My wife and I always have one eye on the ‘The Boos,’ but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

“They are extremely caring, irreplaceable companions that are always there for a snuggle when we need it most!”

So far, the sweet clip has garnered 87,900 likes and over 340 comments since it was shared on September 19.

One dog owner said: “Meanwhile mine scratches until we lift the blanket so he can get under.”

Another user praised: “These two are beyond cute and well behaved! Just look at them.”

“Unfortunately that bed wouldn’t last a day with my two dachshunds,” said another.

Some users have questioned why the canines aren’t in the owners’ bed. But letting your furry friend sleep with you isn’t always a good thing, according to dog trainer Leigh Siegfried.

Siegfried previously told Newsweek. “It can be dysfunctional, and it can undermine some dogs’ confidence in being left alone or worse still, lead to them developing separation anxiety.”

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